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pin 'em up

contributing to pin 'em up

There are various possibilities how you can help the pin 'em up project:

Report issues / suggest features

The easiest way to help improve pin 'em up is to report any issues you find during the usage of the application using the issue tracker at github.

Also, if you have any suggestions on how to improve pin 'em up (new features, UI improvements, ...), feel free to open an issue for that, too.

Translate pin 'em up into your language

If you find that your language is still missing in pin 'em up, feel free to translate the application and make your translations available for all users. In order to make translating pin 'em up as easy as possible, there is a project at Transifex. This way, the translation can be performed using a simple web-interface. Try it out!

Contribute source code

pin 'em up is open source, so you can check out the source code, which is hosted at github. If you know Java and feel like doing some coding, feel free to fork the repository and open a pull-request.

Help improve this website

As pin 'em up itself, the source code for this project website is also available as open source. If you find any issues or room for improvements, feel free to fork the website-project at github and open a pull-request.